Software Features

Software features that allow you to take control of your business processes.

Smart Processes has a all the features you need to model, run, analyze and improve your business processes.

  • Role based customizable dashboard

  • Role based customizable menu to enhance user experience

  • Sites structure that allow you to document the geographical structure of your organization

  • Roles that map you organizational functional structure

  • Groups of users, or roles that provide alleviate the burdening of complex configurations.

  • Process templates, that allow you to reuse process with minor configuration efforts.

  • Job Scheduler that allows you to automate repetitive tasks, send reminders and much more.

  • 4(four) different type of processes and resources

      1. standard processes with complete predefined workflow,

      2. case processes allowing the users to define the workflow at run-time

      3. channels, that serve as flow to share and communicate information across the organization

      4. records, that are used by processes and cases

  • Advanced Process Parametrization through easy-to-use web GUI

  • Form Designer, that allow to create the controllers that will store the process data

  • Customizable m x n ,process relationships

  • Web based drag-n-drop workflow modeler

  • Configurable process events, providing a controlled manner to interact with the process, wither through the user application interface or through web application programming interface

  • Responsive web based case portal that allow the users to create and manage process cases.

  • Secure Document management module.

  • Friendly Live Process configuration summary, that supervisors and audit teams would love.

  • Customizable Process Metrics, which allow you to monitor your processes from different perspectives, either through process metadata or process data content.

  • Ease-to-use document sharing utility allows you to quickly share case documents or data.

Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models.


You can get Smart Processes:

  • installed in your infrastructure

  • hosted in our data centers, with an additional hosting and maintenance fee


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

  • Proprietary License (System License + per user license)

  • Subscription License ( Setup fee + user subscription monthly fee )

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

How to start

  1. Contact us, by letting us know your scenario.

  2. A process analyst will be assigned to your request

  3. We will prepare a demo prototype which you can access through the web

  4. If you are convinced that we are close to fulfilling your business scenario need, our team will draft a cost estimate for your scenario tailored to your specific needs, making sure that you do not pay more then you use.

  5. If we made it to that point, we are sure that we will have an agreement to start the implementation and assist you for the change management process.

Interested? Challenge us to exceed your expectations.

Send us an email at and we will contact you.