Digital Transformation


The digital transformation solution aims to transform the clients’ processes workflow and documents management using advanced system features and artificial intelligence (AI). The system helps the organization manage all the types of documents that they use (transport documents, purchase orders, invoices, payments, etc.)  by implementing them as pre-configured templates in the system. The documents than can be scanned and processed using AI capabilities and advanced search and reporting options.

The "Digital Transformation" system is a web-based platform that requires user credentials for access. Each user will have unique credentials to enter the system.

To discover more about the Digital Transformation solution, click the "Learn More" button to explore our software, crafted in Italian for our Italian branch. You can then request a demo of the system. This solution is customizable and can be tailored to any language.

Need Assessment

The solution is intended to be used by all the companies that use documents management in their daily workload.  As studied in our consults and meetings with our clients, we came to the idea of the solution to digitalize documents in an online repository.

This way the employees spend less time with physical document management and approval, but instead they can scan it online, and manage from the cloud. In this way they can do increase efficiency and lower administrative costs.

Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models. 


You  can get Smart Processes:


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

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