I. What is IMAP and how to configure it in OUTLOOK

The IMAP protocol (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a communication standard for resolving e-mail from an e-mail server to an e-mail client. IMAP allows users to read, delete, and organize their mail directly on the server, rather than downloading and storing messages on their computer. This makes IMAP a good choice for users who want to access their email from more than one computer or email client.

II. How to find and configure IMAP in OUTLOOK

Step 1: Enter your Outlook account through the browser. On the upper-right side click the "clog" icon as illustrated below.

Step 2: After you have clicked the "clog" icon, the Outlook settings window will open as illustrated below.

Step 3: On the left side, there are listed the settings categories. Go to the "Sync Mail" section.

Step 4: After opening the "Sync email" settings, enable the "POP and IMAP" function as illustrated below.