Budget Transparency

"Smart Processes" LLC, representing the Bashki te Forta Project (BtF), has been instrumental in supporting municipalities throughout the budget planning cycle, with a focus on bolstering accountability, facilitating informed decision-making by councils, and fostering transparency and active citizen engagement in the planning process.

In close collaboration with 30 municipalities across Albania, our team played a key role in collecting and completing data reporting required for Medium Term Budget Preparation (MTBP) formats distributed by the Ministry of Finance (MF). This initiative aimed to align with the provisions outlined in Law 139 "on Local Self-Governance" and Law 68 "On Local Finances," ensuring compliance with established policies.

Employing a holistic approach, "Smart Processes" LLC facilitated performance measurement in municipalities by incorporating performance indicators into Performance Reporting formats. Additionally, we designed 20-30 interactive dashboards that translated MTBP into user-friendly formats, enabling citizens to provide feedback seamlessly and enhancing e-participation.

Municipalities utilized the budget surveys and interactive budgets created, leading to a significant improvement in transparency during budget planning and encouraging greater citizen involvement. The achieved outcomes include heightened accountability, well-informed decision-making by councils, and an overall enhancement of citizen participation in the planning process.

Our unwavering commitment to empowering municipalities has resulted in successful collaborations, meeting established objectives and contributing to more effective and transparent local governance.