Web Portal: Management of Statistical Data and BI for Children

UNICEF in Albania has provided technical support to the State Agency on the Rights and Protection of the Child (SACRP) to define the content of DCM 636, based on the assessment of the previous Decision (DCM) on data exchange, as well as the mapping of sectorial data management system. With the approval of DCM 636, UNICEF continued its support to SACRP in compiling data-gathering instruments to enable the collection of information from the responsible institutions. The need for building an online data platform has derived from various consultations with relevant governmental institutions and other data users who need regular publication of statistics focusing on children.

“Smart Processes” staff has built an online data platform that serves as a data bank, centralizing all data collected for the indicators. In addition, this platform acts as a repository of the statistical information of the hands and their corresponding methodological notes, assembled by the SACRP from responsible institutions.

The platform ensures customized graphical visualization for each indicator for all national and subnational data. We have analyzed each hand’s content and source of information. Based on this analysis, we have delivered detailed documentation of the platforms, actors, and business processes, which helped prepare the database architecture. Our staff has created the structure for 58 indicators and their subcategories (data entry forms and visualizations). Additionally, this platform was built on the web from a browser, making it an accessible online platform allowing users to access information for each indicator and their corresponding variables/subcategories, such as table view, graphical visualization, and downloadable files.

Client: United Nation Children Fund's (UNICEF)