e-Learning Platform

Smart Processes has been awarded by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Bashki te Forta (BtF) Project the mandate to propose a friendly e-learning platform (including related costs) for the council members and secretary of the council (secretariat). After a territorial-administrative reform and a decentralization process implying Albanian municipality`s management of more enormous territories and enhanced functions, the project supports cities to enhance citizen-oriented management to improve services.  Technical support to administrations is combined with the backing for bottom-up participation and monitoring through municipal councils. The project also strengthens the capacities of de-concentrated agencies at the regional level so that they contribute to the implementation of the decentralization policy of the central Government. Smart Processes has analyzed and proposed anchoring scenarios of the e-learning platform within Albanian institutions (including related costs) and a detailed capacity-building plan for the responsible institutions to manage the e-learning platform. The consortium has prepared and delivered the Methodology to the BtF Project for the Model that will be designed, which includes analyzing the knowledge management of the municipal councils to understand and build a functional e-learning system.

Client: Save the Children