Administrative Services

Financial Support Sector

Introducing our Financial Support services, where we provide tailored assistance for diverse needs. From specialized benefits for individuals with disabilities to economic aid programs, we're here to empower you on your financial process! 


Step into the world of the Income Sector within Local Government Units, where we provide an array of vital services. Whether you're seeking subject registration, reimbursement, family tax reduction, or debt payment verification, we're here to streamline your financial processes and support your needs efficiently! 

Social Welfare

Social protection encompasses measures aimed at safeguarding individuals and communities from economic and social risks. Applications for admission to social care institutions and residential facilities ensure access to necessary support for vulnerable populations. Similarly, applications for social housing programs provide housing assistance to those in need. The digitization of social services plans enhances efficiency in delivering and managing these initiatives, facilitating better access and coordination of resources for effective social protection.


Transport system services encompass a range of licenses and applications required for various modes of transportation. This includes licenses for transporting goods, passengers on regular city lines, international passenger transport agencies, taxi services, intercity lines, and suburban lines. Each application serves to regulate and ensure the safe and efficient operation of transportation services within a region.

Environment and forests

Explore our services for a harmonious balance between environmental conservation and human activities in natural landscapes. Our platform offers solutions tailored to promote sustainable practices while fostering a harmonious coexistence between environmental conservation and human activities in natural landscapes. Dive into our services to discover how we facilitate responsible interaction with nature while safeguarding its integrity for generations to come.