Management of Public Properties

Municipalities play a crucial role in the preservation and oversight of forests, meadows, and pastures within their jurisdiction. Complementing their legal obligations, municipalities need a system characterized by transparency and efficiency to effectively manage these invaluable natural resources. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive system tailored for the recording and management of data pertaining to these assets.

The primary objective of the system is to ensure transparent and efficient management of forests and pastures within the municipality, thereby maximizing revenue generation while providing citizens with transparency regarding their utilization for economic purposes. Our goals encompass asset inventorying, enhancing data security and reliability, optimizing contract management, and enhancing transparency for residents regarding publicly leased properties.

Key System Features:



The introduction of a transparent and efficient system for managing forests and pastures within the municipality is poised to revolutionize the administration of these natural assets. Through the implementation of our system, municipalities will benefit from a centralized and accessible database encompassing all public properties. This will facilitate contract oversight, enhance transparency towards citizens, and optimize the management of these invaluable natural resources.

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