Certificate of Debt Settlement 

Discover our efficient solution for obtaining certificates to settle obligations!

Every taxpayer has the right to request certification to confirm the absence of unpaid obligations. Obtain this certification free of charge, instantly available online for presenting in various institutions such as Tenders, Embassies, Labor Offices, Banks, and more.

With Smart Processes, you'll benefit from:

Simplify your obligations settlement process with Smart Processes. Experience efficiency, transparency, and accountability like never before.

Family Tax Reduction 

Facilitate Your Family Tax Reduction Journey with Smart Processes! 

Embark on a seamless and efficient path to claiming family tax exemptions with our cutting-edge platform, Smart Processes. Delve into how our innovative solutions revolutionize the process, ensuring fairness, transparency, and support for families.

Our platform serves as a gateway for eligible individuals to assert their right to exemption from paying family taxes. With certain categories eligible to seek relief through this service, we aim to simplify the complex landscape of tax obligations, providing a clear and accessible avenue for those in need.

Key features:

Experience the power of Smart Processes and simplify your family tax reduction journey today. Empower yourself with efficiency, transparency, and accountability, and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

Refund Request from Entity

Simplify Your Refund Requests with Smart Processes!

Navigating refund requests for overpaid taxes has never been easier! Here's how our service streamlines the process:

Our platform facilitates refund requests for overpaid taxes, including interest, within the new tax return. Taxpayers can submit revised returns for incorrect or incomplete initial filings. Any excess payments are meticulously documented in the taxpayer's file. VAT-registered entities with a credit balance have the option to request refunds through the VAT Refund Directorate of the General Directorate of Taxes.

Smart Processes Keys:

Experience a seamless, transparent, and efficient refund process with Smart Processes.

Request for Registration of Entities

Welcome to our streamlined registration service for tax-paying entities! Here's how we simplify the process.

Our platform facilitates the registration of tax-paying entities, issuing registration certificates, and providing the Taxable Person Identification Number (NIPT).

With Smart Processes, you get:

Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models. 


You  can get Smart Processes:


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

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