Performance Management 

Smart Processes embarked on a dynamic project, dedicated to strengthening performance management. This comprehensive initiative, in collaboration with BtF, addressed key facets to reinforce local government performance measurement and reporting. The collaborative effort with BtF yielded an exhaustive list of 64 data points and 40 KPIs, enhancing local performance measurement at the national level. A robust Performance Management System (PMS) manual, encompassing data and indicator passports, was meticulously compiled through collaborative contributions from diverse service providers. 

The project extended its impact through the development of detailed training materials and the execution of regional workshops. These workshops, focusing on SMP, the National Report, and performance indicators, successfully trained 30 municipalities. The comprehensive training enhanced their proficiency in data collection, verification, and adept utilization of the SMP information system. The implementation of the SMP information system was complemented by in-person and online training sessions for 30 municipalities, ensuring real-time data recording. A dedicated support framework, including ongoing coaching through various channels, further fortified municipalities during the intricate data collection process. Ensuring data quality was a pivotal focus, involving a meticulous analysis for accuracy, identification of discrepancies, and provision of guidance on corrective measures. Transparent and effective communication was documented within the SMP information system, fostering clarity and accountability. 

Client: Bashki te Forta Programme (BtF) & Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (HSI)