Tax and Fee Management Software

The local tax and tariff system aim to adapt the functionality of the program to enhance the quality of service through increased transparency, time, and reduced cost of receiving assistance, as well as increasing the efficiency of administration in providing services to citizens. Efficient and effective revenue collection is critical to financing development and strengthening good governance.

Implementation of the Local Taxes and Tariffs Administration System came as an immediate need to improve the municipality’s revenue management process from local taxes and fees under the conditions when the city had exceeded the challenge of guaranteeing the provision of administrative services to citizens, throughout its territory.

Upon completing the Integrated One-Stop-Shop Office project, which established a new standard in the quality of administrative services provided by the municipality, it was necessary to further improve the services to citizens regarding local taxes and tariffs. This system would support better service delivery while helping collect local taxes and fees centrally across the municipal territory. 

 “Smart Processes” was responsible for the following:

This system has contributed to increasing the collection of local tax revenues and tariffs as well as transparency and quality of service.

Type of client: Municipal