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The banking sector is continually evolving, with new digital players revolutionizing classic banking services. These business models, along with the introduction of new regulations and IT transformations, are forcing banks to shift their strategy for increased value and extended customer loyalty. And of course, better processes mean more efficiency, lower cost, improved quality. The continuous evolving in the banking sector, faces mane challenges among which 

Among other functionalities, Smart Processes provide a number of features that help banks with the above challenges:


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Example Applications 

Automation of cards lifecycle from request-to-customer

Smart Processes is used to automate the cards lifecycle from request-to-customer. A fully automated workflow to manage cards life cycle is implemented, helping the bank to increase efficiency and further improve customer service.

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Loan Origination

Automate the process  application-to-approval for loans origination. Capture different channels such as website, call center, retail shop or branch  in a unified loan application channel. Two  layers of loan application are implemented for application and prescreening (front-end) and loan application management (beck-end).

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Fraud Case Management

An intelligent solution that screens suspicious transactions, uses communication channels to notify the customer trying to get feedback to ensure that it is an authorized transaction. In case fraudulent transaction provides the environment to manage the cases in a systematic and auditable manner. 

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Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models. 


You  can get Smart Processes:


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

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