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Automate administrative tasks, focus on teaching and research

Education Institutions, especially  in higher education execute many administrative processes of application-to-approval type. Smart Processes provides the platform that enables these organizations to automate this processes in a very short time.  

Students Processes

Processes like:

or any type of application-to-approval processes would be easily automated in Smart Processes, allowing process participants to interact through the  institution website, economizing time and resources.

Accreditation and Standardization of documents

Use Smart Processes to design and fill the forms required for getting and maintaining institutional and program accreditations. Who worked with these processes is well aware of the volume of documents to be prepared by the staff, departments and other units. 

Having a template based, web platform, with hierarchic access level to enter those data and produce standard word documents as required, would make happy your institution's academic and administrative staff.  All needed documents will be generated in a predefined Ms. Word format, and it will be the same all over your institution, making sure that there is no need for additional formatting of individual documents produced by staff and departments.

Furthermore while facilitating all the paperwork, you have build a database which you can analyze to better understand the challenges and opportunities your institution might have. 

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