Management Software: Digitization of Social Services

The Social Services Plan is a document prepared by local government units to address the needs for social services, empower local responsible structures, and improve the distribution and variety of services.  Our staff has provided consultancy for the preparation of the Social Services Plan. The implementation of the Social Services Plan was made possible through a software system that guarantees the design, planning, and monitoring of social services plans for local government units.

The preparation of the social services plan in an integrated software system has helped the municipality in some aspects:

The built system enables the collection of information on public institutions and NGOs operating in the territory, the types of social care services they provide, well as detailed data on the beneficiaries of these services, in a coordinated manner between the municipality and the administrative units by providing coherent and consistent data for the entire extended territory covering the cities after the implementation of the Administrative Territorial Reform. As such, the system provides the flexibility needed to be adapted quickly by the municipality to changes in the data collected or the workflow for their collection. This flexibility required at the outset of the project is a critical factor that guarantees the continuity of the system in conditions of changes that may occur in the future.

Client: Save the Children