Environment and forests

Application for a Permit for Activities Generating Acoustic Pollution (Type C Environmental Permit)

This solution is about examination of the request made by legal persons or not  for activities that produce noise pollution, such as a type C permit. These permits outline the necessary conditions to ensure that the installation of technical equipment meets the requirements of current legislation. A permit may cover one or more installations or parts of installations at the same location, all operated by the same operator.

Smart Processes offers:

In summary, Smart Processes simplifies the application process for permits related to activities that generate noise pollution, ensuring efficiency, transparency and compliance with environmental regulations.

Application for a permit for the purposes of entertainment, camping or tourist activity 

Our service facilitates the process of obtaining permits for entertainment, camping, or tourist activities, catering to both individuals and businesses. 

Smart Processes Features:

In summary, our service leverages technology to streamline the permit application process, offering convenience, efficiency, and transparency to both applicants and regulatory bodies.

Request for Renting Public Pastures and Meadows for Grazing and Grass Mowing 

We handle the examination of requests from individuals or legal persons for leasing public pastures and meadows for the purpose of grass pasture and mowing. Our service involves reviewing applications and making decisions regarding the approval or rejection of these requests.

Smart Processes offers:

Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models. 


You  can get Smart Processes:


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

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