Social Welfare

Application for Admission to Social Care Institutions and Residential Facilities 

Our service is dedicated to providing quality assistance according to established standards for beneficiaries in social care institutions, whether they are public or non-public, as well as in residential facilities.

Smart Processes Features:

Smart Processes is designed to optimize operations, enhance transparency, and ensure efficient and effective admission procedures for individuals seeking placement in social care institutions and residential facilities.

Application to Benefit from Social Housing Programs

We offer an advanced solution to benefit from social housing programs!

Through our innovative platform, Smart Processes provides a quick and easy guide to benefit from social housing programs. Citizens can benefit from immediate access to all the necessary information about the criteria and procedures to benefit from social housing.

Smart Processes offers:

Choose Smart Processes for a fast, clear and efficient experience in receiving social housing services!

Digitization of the Social Services Plan

Embrace the future of social services with our innovative approach to digitizing the Social Services Plan! 

The Social Services Plan, a vital document crafted by local government units, aims to cater to social needs effectively. We're revolutionizing this process by offering cutting-edge software solutions that streamline design, planning, and monitoring for local self-government units.

Key Features:

Interest Groups & Beneficiaries:

Municipalities: Spearheading community-driven initiatives for social welfare.

Individuals in Need: Ensuring targeted support and assistance reach those who need it most.

Organizations: Partnering for impactful service delivery and community empowerment.

Civil Society: Promoting a culture of social responsibility and inclusivity.

This system enhance efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness in delivering and managing social programs and initiatives.

Choose between our flexible implementation and licensing models. 


You  can get Smart Processes:


We provide 2(two) different licensing models, in order to better fit our customer's needs:

Licensing models are offered in both infrastructure modes, either in premise or in hosted installations.

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