Contract Management System

"Smart Processes" LLC created the Online System for Managing Contracts designed to aggregate all the contracts data and management to a centralized point of control. The main objective for the system delivered was to remove manual contract data processing workflows outside of the plan (excel files, etc.) as indicated by target (to-be) business processes and to enter data only once in the system for increased efficiency, fewer errors, and better user experience. The system was built as an effective contract management tool to facilitate the process of managing and monitoring contract details, terms and conditions, parties involved, due dates of delivery (action), and related documents. The Contract Management System provides a simple and secure solution. The Contract Management System is used to manage a new contract, view all contract history and monitor recent activities of all arrangements. The system allows staff members to record the activities they carry out and will also enable the monitoring of contracts. The system provides the institution`s managers with better contract statuses and reporting visibility.

Customer Type: Municipalities