The Balance Sheet of the Local Government

This system has been implemented in accordance with the legislation on the chart of accounts, expenditure orders for relations with the treasury, and payment lists according to budget specifications.

Fully integrates with all financial management systems, including:

- The System of Local Taxes and Fees
- Budget (drafting and its implementation)
- Inventory and assets
- Management of contracts
- Human resources and employee salaries (payroll), and many others.

This system enables the automatic generation of standard reports required according to the Ministry of Finance Instruction no. 8, dated 09.03.2018, "On the procedures for the preparation, submission and reporting of annual financial statements in general government units", as amended.

In addition, it records daily documentation, including invoices, receipts, expense orders, inventory movements, payroll, and more. Cash and bank management, supplier management, transfers and approvals are part of the functionalities of our system.

Also, we ensure the preservation of inventory movements and long-term assets of the institution, automatic accounting of documents, and analytical, statistical and financial reporting according to the requirements of the municipality. Our system offers a complete and efficient solution for the financial management of various organizations.

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