Electronic Data and Practice Management System

The Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data, through Smart Processes, has developed and implemented an IT system to  streamline the management of data practices within the organization. The Protocol-Archive Office is tasked with registering and archiving all correspondence, documents, and materials received from third parties at the institution`s address, adhering to existing regulations.

 All incoming information and messages, whether in written form, faxes, or express mail, undergo protocol and archiving processes at the Protocol-Archive Office. The primary goal of this initiative is to establish a digital system for managing the data practices of the Commissioner`s office, with the aim of reducing processing time for work procedures and enhancing the efficiency of human resources within the institution. The system facilitates the scanning and uploading of documents received in the institution`s archive. The Protocol-Archive Office, along with the responsible offices, has the capability to upload and scan documents, including accompanying materials.

Client: Data Protection Commissioner