Budget Planning and Execution

Ensure that your municipality operates with utmost efficiency and transparency in financial management through the implementation of the Local Medium-Term Budget Project Monitoring System.

Budget Planning

Our system streamlines and integrates all processes involved in medium-term budget planning, enhancing the municipality's financial project preparation and monitoring. It facilitates the registration of all budget revenues and expenses according to predefined categories, integrating the financial planning tool and economic classification for each budget program.

Furthermore, it enables the assessment of budgetary performance through performance indicators based on program objectives, allowing for efficient evaluation of program implementation. The system maintains a record of all prepared versions of the medium-term budget, providing valuable historical data for reference and ensuring transparency.

Key Features:


Monitoring of Budget Implementation

The system automatically generates monthly and annual monitoring reports, incorporating requisite annexes stipulated by the Ministry of Finance to facilitate budget implementation oversight. The user-friendly Performance Report offers simple data visualization through graphs, ensuring transparency and accessibility for all stakeholders

Key Features


Our objective is to enhance efficiency and transparency in the planning and monitoring of municipal medium-term project budgets. Join us in advancing your municipality's financial management and achieving a high standard of transparency and efficiency!

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